Document: texte impriméCool Down and Work Through Anger / Cheri J. MEINERS
Titre :Cool Down and Work Through Anger
Type de document : texte imprimé
Auteurs : Cheri J. MEINERS, Auteur ; Meredith JOHNSON, Illustrateur
Editeur :Minneapolis MN [Etats-Unis] : Free Spirit Publishing
Année de publication : 2010
Collection : Learning to Get Along
Importance : 35 p.
Présentation : ill.
Format : 23cm x 23cm x 0,3cm
ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-1-575-42346-3
Langues :Anglais (eng)
Catégories : AFFECTIVITE
Index. décimale : HAB-B HAB-B Habiletés Sociales - Scénarios Sociaux
Résumé : Everyone gets angry, so it’s never too early for children to learn to recognize feelings of anger, express them, and build skills for coping with anger in helpful, appropriate ways. Children learn that it is okay to feel angry—but not okay to hurt anyone with actions or words. They discover concrete social skills for anger management: self-calming, thinking, getting help from a trusted person, talking and listening, apologizing, being patient, and viewing others positively. Reassuring and supportive, the book helps preschool and primary children see that when they cool down and work through anger, they can feel peaceful again. Presented in a social story format, the book includes a special section for adults, with discussion questions, games, activities, and tips that reinforce improving social skills. Part of Free Spirit’s popular Learning to Get Along series of social stories, Cool Down and Work Through Anger helps children learn to behave responsibly toward themselves and others as they develop the skills of anger management. For all homes, childcare settings, and primary classrooms as well as special education, including settings with children on the autism spectrum. [Résumé d'Auteur/Editeur]
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