Article: texte impriméNew-onset psychiatric disorders in individuals with autism / Jane HUTTON in Autism, 12-4 (July 2008) Ouvrir le lien
in Autism > 12-4 (July 2008) . - p.373-390
Titre :New-onset psychiatric disorders in individuals with autism
Type de document : texte imprimé
Auteurs : Jane HUTTON, Auteur ; Michael RUTTER, Auteur ; Ann LE COUTEUR, Auteur ; Susan GOODE, Auteur ; Margaret MURPHY, Auteur
Article en page(s) : p.373-390
Langues :Anglais (eng)
Mots-clés : affective-disorder autism catatonia obsessive-compulsive-disorder schizophrenia
Index. décimale : PER Périodiques
Résumé : A follow-up study to at least the age of 21 years of 135 individuals with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosed in childhood and an IQ of over 30 was conducted. The study is distinctive in its large size, low attrition rate and use of systematic interviews to obtain clinical information. Questionnaires completed by caregivers asked about the development of new psychiatric disorders. For the 39 individuals with a possible new disorder, a detailed psychiatric assessment was undertaken through parental interview. Of all participants, 16 percent developed a definite new psychiatric disorder. A further 6 percent developed a possible new disorder. Five individuals developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder and/or catatonia; eight an affective disorder with marked obsessional features; three complex affective disorders; four more straightforward affective disorders; one a bipolar disorder; and one an acute anxiety state complicated by alcohol excess. There was no case of schizophrenia.
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